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We are a civil society, specialized in providing accounting, tax and financial support to foreign companies and individuals that are in the process of regional development and /or consolidation.

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Legal Representation

An essential requirement for the constitution in the country is to have a legal representative who accredits nationality or who has a valid alien’s license to carry out commercial operations. As long as the process of obtaining the mentioned card can be generated, or in case the company wants to improve response times in the signing of contracts, and above all legal representation before government entities, we can represent your company legally so that you can thus operate without any problem.

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Accounting Outsourcing

We take care of the accounting, tax returns, payrolls, we also train and advise in the understanding of the current tax matters applied in Peru and linked to your company.

Tax Domicile

We know that when starting operations foreign companies do not have a tax domicile in Peru, which is essential for the registration of the company in the country, that is why we give our tax residence to foreign clients.

Personnel management

We assume control of the personnel management of your company, complying with current legal regulations, as well as knowledge of important international treaties in the performance of services among affiliates.

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